Barbara Zuschnig


Mag. Barbara Zuschnig, Sex counsellor, psychological Counsellor

Before you say no, say maybe. You will see what surprising things can happen.

I specialize in male sexuality and offer counselling for all sexual problems. In couples and relationship counseling, my focus is on non-monogamous consensual relationships and their sexual dynamics. I advise you on all questions regarding your sexuality and your desire, and work with you on solutions in your partnership.

Changes brought me closer to myself.

Like many people, I have experienced changes in my life. During these times of change, I dealt with myself very intensively and asked myself critically, what are my parts, my patterns that lead me into situations? I have learned to take responsibility for my actions and well-being. Today I try above all not to impose expectations and projections on my fellow human beings. Umbrüche haben mich näher zu mir selber gebracht Today I try above all not to impose expectations and projections on my fellow human beings.

Yoga – mindfulness for my mind and body

It was not always easy for me to be mindful and aware of my needs. When I started my yoga practice years ago, I found the right form to bring my body and my mind to rest, alertness, and mindfulness.

Living together

I have been a member of a community living project for several years. We have our practice in the green market and implement many exciting projects in our house.


The last few years have changed my view of life, relationships, and sexuality. My focus is on nourishing and positive experiences. Above all, I have a great curiosity. Above all, I have a great curiosity. I love traveling and attending events all over the world to acquire new impulses and get to know other people. I am far from the end of the path of discovering new things.

I would like to support you in becoming aware of your wishes for a good relationship and sexuality. Change begins with yourself and through concrete actions. Only you can take care of yourself.

Surprise yourself. Ask the question, “What is a good life for me?” I accompany you on this way with care and attentiveness.

I look forward to your call or email:
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  • Sex counseling (University of Innsbruck)
  • NLP Master Coach
  • life and social counseling

Co-founder of Best Lover.

Best Lover is an online coaching program for men. In my role as Head of Coaching, I accompany men with erection problems, orgasm inhibition and premature ejaculation towards a (re)fulfilled sexuality.

You can find more information about the work and services of Best Lover at

Our book:
“SEXPOSITIV – Intimität und Beziehung neu verhandelt” (2021, Goldegg Verlag)

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You can reach me:
+43 660 44 35 665

My focus

  • Male sexuality and sexual problems
  • Couples and relationship counseling with a special focus on polyamory and open relationships

Mag. Barbara Zuschnig, Sex counsellor, psychological Counsellor

further education

  • Group dynamics
  • systemic organizational development

Studies and work experience

  • Systemic organizational development (University of Klagenfurt)
  • Studied history, political science, gender studies (University of Vienna)
  • Management politics
  • Management social research
  • Social and health management
  • self-employed business consultant

Feedback from my clients

I felt that I was picked up where I was, I felt completely seen, and I suddenly understood aspects of my sexuality that I had not seen very clearly until then. Strengthened with these great ‘aha!’ moments, I went away relieved and happy … Thank you!
(Gerlinde, 61)