There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction.

Many men suffer from erectile dysfunction or from an unreliable erection. It is stressful, for the partnership as well. Erectile problems are caused by physiological and / or psychological factors that sometimes accompany age.

The causes of potency problems

There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction. Normally there are physiological, psychological, or age-related causes. Physical and mental factors interact closely. An example: If someone has high blood pressure, this can lead to an erectile dysfunction. This strain can cause depression, which in turn can exacerbate the problem. It is important: only those who know the origin of their potency problems can effectively remedy them. Let’s talk about it!

When is it an erectile dysfunction?

Many men know about sex, in which the erection sometimes does not work. Then there is no need to worry. Erectile dysfunction is cause for concern only when it occurs during sex for more than six months and/or in 70% of all situations.

How does an erection occur?

Nerve stimuli, chemical messengers in the brain, muscles and blood circulation play a role in male erection. It is triggered by touch, thoughts, smells, situations and images. What excites a man is individually different.

An erection problem is often shameful.

In the case of potency problems, the penis either does not become stiff or flaccid again after a short time. This has an unsatisfactory and burdensome effect on the man or partner. Erectile dysfunction is often shameful. You’ve known this situation for months?

Then take the first step toward and talk to us. Consultations help to improve your situation and correct the erection problem with psychological causes.

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We often hear: “If only I had looked for help earlier!”

Psychological causes of erectile dysfunction

A simple test: do you get an erection when you masturbate? Do you (still) experience an erection at night or in the morning? If not, there are most likely psychological causes. We help you to get to the bottom of this. The most common causes of psychological potency problems are:

  • Stress
  • Conflicts in the relationship
  • Routine, boredom, monotonous practices, dulling
  • different preferences regarding your partner’s wishes
  • Pressure of expectations due to unrealistic ideas, performance pressure, inexperience
  • Conditioning through porn consumption and masturbation
  • Fears and self-doubt, low self-worth (shame, fear of rejection)
  • mental illnesses such as constraints, fears, depression
  • bad or traumatic past experiences
  • Uncertainty about one’s gender identity or sexual orientation
An erectile dysfunction signals that something is out of order. It could be that:
  • psychological stresses take priority.
  • age-related changes become noticeable.
  • the lifestyle may be unhealthy or unbalanced.
  • disease or physical illnesses present themselves.
Take erection problems seriously, especially if:
  • You no longer resolve conflicts constructively and lovingly in your relationship.
  • You have too much on the job at work.
  • You have not exercised for a long time.
  • You overeat and eat the wrong thing.
  • You consume alcohol every day.
  • You smoke a lot.
  • You take drugs.

We’ll show you ways to fix your potency problems! A professional view from the outside helps to deal with these questions.

Resolve relationship conflicts

Satisfaction in a relationship is interdependent with the quality of sexuality. Desire and lust need mutual recognition. If you suffer from sexual choices that have already been made, this dissatisfaction may lead to erection problems. Every couple can find good solutions. Couples’ conversations in our practice open the space and provide a framework for speaking about your sexuality. We accompany you with confidence!

Counteract an age-related erectile dysfunction

Erection problems occur in men of all ages. There is no denying that they increase with age. Our targeted exercises for you or for couples expand the erotic potential at any age. With our support, couples arrive at new pleasurable encounters!

Young men: discover your own personality through potency problems

Erectile dysfunction in young men rarely has physical causes. Sometimes the reasons are unrealistic ideas about sex. Positive role models are very often lacking and young men put themselves under pressure. In our consultation we deal with your questions with professional competence. We accompany you to rediscover your sexual personality and to fully regain your potency.

Question porn consumption for erection problems

A special form of psychologically-induced erectile dysfunction is caused by long-term porn consumption. This consumption leads to dependencies with unpleasant consequences. Neuroplastic changes occur in the brain, which desensitize you to your partner’s sexual stimuli. In order to experience lust, you need always greater stimuli.

You will no longer find this in contact with a person. The erectile dysfunction can be accompanied by listlessness, orgasm and relationship disorders. In the worst case, one speaks of addiction.
The good news is: once you’ve learned something, you can unlearn it.

We show you exercises and new behavior strategies. These will help you to have sex that is potent, varied, and exciting again!

Alternatives to erectile dysfunction

The short-term use of sexual enhancers can be helpful in order to feel a reliable erection again. Before that, medical clarification is essential, because sexual enhancers pose risks. Please do not obtain such substances on the Internet.

With new positions, a sensitization of the pelvic area, or the conscious use of breathing and relaxation, you will get a satisfactory erection and new pleasure. In our consultation you will learn alternative methods of how to achieve an erection without substances!

Potency problems as an early warning system for physical illnesses

Erectile problems can be a warning sign of a physical illness: e.g. for a tumor or prostate enlargement, for diabetes, high blood pressure, diseases of the nervous system, or hormone disorders. Sometimes side effects of medications (e.g. antidepressants) trigger potency problems. Other times impotence occurs as a result of surgery.

A visit to a specialist is absolutely necessary to clarify physiological causes. We will accompany you if there are any questions. We show you how to adapt your sex to new circumstances!

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Our advice offers you support if

  • Your erection problems have psychological causes and consequences.
  • You are insecure about your body.
  • You are looking for a personal conversation about your sexuality.
  • You want to break new ground in your sexuality.
Impotenz kann viele Ursachen haben. Impotenz kann viele Ursachen haben.

Impotence can have many causes.

Effectively remedy erection problems

Change your lifestyle and get rid of potency problems! Your erectile function is closely linked to your lifestyle.

Ready for a change?
We advise you in the following areas:

  • Change of diet
  • Sport and exercise
  • Mindfulness training to reduce stress
  • Alcohol and nicotine reduction
  • Targeted pelvic floor training and training of the PC muscle

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Erektionsprobleme können belastend sein.

Erection problems can be stressful.

Physiological causes of erection problems

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Operations (prostate, pelvic floor)
  • Nervous system disorders
  • Hormone disorders (testosterone deficiency)
  • Substance abuse (drugs, nicotine, alcohol)
  • Injury to the erectile tissue
  • Snoring
  • Tumors/Cancer
  • Side-effects from medication (antidepressants, sleeping pills, beta-blockers, antiandrogens)
Die männliche Genitalzone ist differenziert.

The male genital area is differentiated.

medical clarification of potency problems

A visit to a specialist is necessary to clarify organic causes. We will accompany you if you are looking for support in addition to your treatment.

Erection problems lead to insecurity and shame. We will discuss with you how you and your partner can experience pleasurable encounters again.

Stress kann zu Potenzproblemen führen.

Stress can lead to potency problems.

Exercise PC muscle for potency problems

The pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is one of those muscles that surround the male and female genital organs in the pelvic floor. It works reflexively and can be controlled consciously.

Therefore, it can be trained like any other muscle. Exercising the PC muscle helps with potency problems and increases sexual intensity.

Der PC-Muskel ist Teil der Beckenbodenmuskulatur.

The PC muscle is part of the pelvic floor muscles.

Unstable erection in young men

Erectile dysfunction also occurs in young men. There are rarely physical causes here. Young men often put themselves under pressure.

They compare themselves to actors in porn and rarely have open conversations with friends or with their partner. They remain alone with their insecurities and know few positive role models.

Sometimes there is an addiction issue. Sex addiction can lead to erection problems or impotence.

Auch junge Männer haben Potenzprobleme.

Young men also have potency problems.

Discover your (new) sexual personality!

In our consultation we answer your questions. We accompany you to rediscover your sexual personality and to regain your potency. We also show you how you can feel like a potent man without a full erection.