Sex addiction destroys your relationship and your sexuality.

Constant thoughts about sex affecting your everyday life? Suffer from a lack of concentration? Do you spend hours on pornography platforms? Would you rather watch porn than have sex with your partner?

Definition of sex addiction

In the medical and therapeutic fields, one speaks of increased sexual desire. There is no uniform definition of sex addiction. The individual’s level of suffering is decisive for the choice of therapy. In extreme cases, control over sexual behavior can be completely lost.

classic signs of addiction to sexual behavior
  • obsession
  • Impotence, and the
  • use of sex as an anesthetic.

Those affected are overly concerned with sexual content. They use a substantial amount of their energy (including money) to get sex. They hide this part of their lives from friends and family.

Sex as stress processing leads to addiction

If you use your lust as short-term relief from negative feelings, thoughts, beliefs of inferiority and loneliness, sexual behavior becomes an effective reward strategy. You lose the ability to use activities other than sex to process stress.

Your level of suffering determines when it is too much.

There is no objectively measurable limit or size when it is too much. Your suffering is the only yardstick. Your sexual fantasies and behaviors determine your days. You find less and less energy and interest in non-sexual activities and duties. Your relationship is suffering or breaking up. You are at risk of losing your job. If any of these apply to you, give us a call. Talks and advice help.

Silence aggravates the situation

Admitting to the problem is the first and most important step. Distorted self-perception, feelings of shame and guilt often block the view of the problem.

Do you feel that you are getting less and less satisfaction from sexual activity?
Do you feel helpless because you can no longer control the situation?
Get help. Silence exacerbates the situation. Our advice starts here. We are familiar with the subject and do not judge. We work on individual solutions so that you no longer feel compromised.

Come to us. We clarify what you want to change. You feel insecure, but want to get the situation under control? We show you ways out of the stuck patterns and encourage new behaviors.

Help with sex addiction

Men seek help because excessive porn consumption or visiting prostitutes can lead to relationship problems or financial difficulties. Women often turn to advice centers for uncontrolled promiscuity. Sex addiction can be a symptom of deeper psychological problems, and for this we recommend psychotherapy. In addition to sexual counseling and therapy, medication can also be used for treatment. However, this requires extensive diagnostics by a specialist.

Client feedback:
«At the beginning I was unsure. I saw it as a sign of weakness to seek help. My concerns were dispelled from the first moment. The advice was personable, emphatic and professional. I took a lot with me because I could talk about myself without shame and censorship. »
(Stefan, 31 years old, difficulty with porn consumption)

Symptoms of sex addiction – suffering

People with sex addiction don’t just have a lot of sex. They have lost control of their sexual behavior. And they suffer from it. There are signs that normal sexual behavior tilts in sex addiction:

  • Daily masturbation for hours without satisfaction
  • Daily, hourly consumption of pornography
  • excessive cyber or phone sex
  • never building relationships during sex
  • increased visits to prostitutes (often resulting in money problems)
  • Compulsive expression of sexual fantasies
  • Neglect of work and relationships (little or no sex with the partner)
  • compulsively changing sexual contacts without feeling satisfied

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Excessive porn consumption makes you lonely.

We work with you in our advice

  • to learn alternative behaviors
  • and find out which sexual life issue underlies your addictive behavior

The internet tempts us to avoid real sexual encounters.

How does sex addiction come about?

The following factors can play a role:

  • Relationship and attachment problems
  • Life crises
  • Disorders of the brain metabolism (especially of the hormones dopamine and serotonin)
  • sexual abuse experiences
  • Trauma

Men often hide their addiction from their partner.

Support groups for sex addicts

An accompanying visit to self-help groups for sex addicts who work according to the withdrawal programs of anonymous alcoholics is supportive and helpful.