We have collected our clients’ questions to help you find your way around even better. We hope that this will resolve any ambiguities. If you still need further information, please contact us.

i live in a partnership. Can I come for advice alone?

We always encourage couples to come together for advice. If a partner does not support the idea of advice, then come alone. We can clarify in the initial consultation whether this is a suitable solution for your situation.

Can a consultation with the health insurance be billed?

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

How long does a consultation take?

A single lesson lasts 50 minutes, couple hours are 90 minutes.

Is the advice confidential?

Of course. We treat all information from the consultation confidentially.

Am I too old for advice?

Our advice welcomes people of all ages. However, majority is a prerequisite.

Am I touched in the consultation?

There is no touch in the consultations. We use visuals and videos to answer all body related questions.

Do you teach Tantra?

We don’t teach Tantra, but we do use elements of it – especially massage, breathing, energy, and touch exercises – to help you increase your sexual sensation. We will give you these exercises as guidance and inspiration at home for individual and couple counseling.

What can speak against sexual counseling?

Parallel therapies: In the initial consultation, we jointly check whether the use of another therapy can interfere with our joint work or vice versa. In most cases, parallel processes are not recommended.
Acute serious mental illnesses: Depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, addiction and substance abuse, severe sexual traumatization, experiences of abuse and violence must be treated psychotherapeutically or psychiatrically and for us are grounds for exclusion from sexual counseling.

Cancellation modalities
You will find all cancellation terms under our terms and conditions.

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