No matter how old you are. Sex and eroticism are life energy.

The search for fulfilled sexuality begins with yourself Learn to take your feelings seriously. Discover the diverse sensations of your body. Expand the erotic interplay of give and take!

What is sexual counseling?

In our sexual counseling we accompany couples or individuals in search of a self-determined, sensual and lustful sexuality. Sexual problems are not diseases. They show that you need change in certain areas of your sexuality. The following sexual problems are discussed in sexual counseling:

  • Erection problems
  • Sex addiction
  • Orgasmic disorders
  • Pain during sex and
  • Listlessness
Personal and partnership development

Sex counseling is also about raising awareness of neglected sexual desires. Beyond the sexual, this leads to personal and partnership-based further development. No matter whether you live in a long-term relationship or as a single. We work with you on your specific wishes, questions and ideas for change.

Advice as we understand it does not say what is right or wrong. Your questions and change requests are the starting point for our work. We don’t provide solutions. In addition to the consultation, we also work with exercises, tips and instructions that you can implement at home. These are a support to try out new behaviors. At the relationship level and in sexuality. At the relationship level and in sexuality.

Diverse sexual preferences

In our society, sexual practices have pluralized in recent years. Open spaces have never been so large and complex. Formerly labeled as perverse and morbid, sexual preferences such as Sadomasochism, transvestism or fetishism have become recognized varieties.

In contrast, many people still live with deep fears and deny their needs. Repressed desires and longings lead to conflictual and negative experiences of sexuality. This causes suffering.

You can talk to us about these topics. BSDM, fetish, sexual role playing and much more are not a taboo for us when it comes to advice.

Sex counseling vs. therapy

Therapy is indicated if the sexual dysfunction with mental illnesses such as Depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, addiction or substance abuse are linked. Abuse, sexualized violence, incest, pedophilia, exhibitionism and voyeurism are criminal offenses.

These are grounds for exclusion from sexual counseling. They must be treated by forensic psychotherapists and psychiatrists. They make diagnoses and can prescribe medication

Goals of sexual counseling

The consultations aim to develop solutions to sexual dissatisfaction, disorders and relationship issues. People who experience a satisfying sexuality are in good contact with their partner.

You can talk about your wishes. Everyone has different needs, everyone loves a different kind of touch and sexual play. The arc spans wide. From role playing and BDSM to tantric rituals.

  • We speak professionally and love sexuality.
  • We name topics and open a space for your personal questions.
  • We see sexuality as something natural.
  • We understand sexuality as a resource, as part of the life energy EROS.
  • We work with the body and psyche.
  • We are committed and keep up to date with new findings and trends in sexology.
  • We are interested and visit international festivals and congresses as inspiration.
  • We continuously participate in seminars and workshops for further education.
Sexual experience can be learned and changed.

In order to experience your sexuality anew, it takes many small steps. There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Change begins with you starting out and getting involved. Our advice will accompany you.

Ask yourself
  • Why am I listless?
  • Why is my partner listless?
  • Why am I not experiencing orgasm?
    (Man Woman)
  • Why am I always early?
  • Am I addicted to sex?
  • How do I get rid of my potency problems?
  • Why am I in pain during sex?
  • I love two people. Can that work?
  • I have a lover. Should I tell my partner?
  • How can things continue after an affair?
  • How can we deal with different needs?
  • Can I have (such) fantasies?
Wir sind für Sie da.

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Have more fun again.

We advise
  • People of all sexes: women, men, transgender people, gender queers,
  • no matter if you are heterosexual, bi, pan or asexual,
  • married, living as single or polyamor,
  • want to come alone or as a couple
  • come from 1070 Vienna, Oberpullendorf or Ankara,
  • monogamous or promiscuous,
  • are old or young.

Every couple has to find energy for change and sex.

We use the following methods
  • systemic sex therapy
  • systemic couple therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Concept of sex corporel
  • body-oriented exercises that we discuss and that you get from us as homework

Communication is important.

Erotic intimacy moves between familiarity and the risk of trying something new.

When you think about erotic intimacy, it´s the real, very subtle calibration between familiarity and newness. Between the trust of what you can already rely on and the risk taking of what you still can discover. (Esther Perel, Workshop documents “Rekindling Desire” 2016)

When you think about erotic intimacy, it´s the real, very subtle calibration between familiarity and newness. When you think about erotic intimacy, it´s the real, very subtle calibration between familiarity and newness. (Esther Perel, Workshop documents “Rekindling Desire” 2016)