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EROS & du Founder : Beatrix Roidinger & Barbara Zuschnig, Photo: David Pay

Beatrix Roidinger and Barbara Zuschnig run EROS & du – psychological counseling, couples and sexual counseling

The trained sex therapists and psychological counselors Beatrix Roidinger and Barbara Zuschnig offer psychological counseling, couples and sexual counseling. Workshops, groups, lectures and events take place decentrally at selected seminar locations.

The advice is aimed at individuals and couples. The focus of the offer is erection problems, listlessness, pain during sex, orgasm disorder and sex addiction. Beatrix Roidinger specializes in advising couples when their relationship and sexuality are threatened by jealousy, separation, affairs and conflicts.

The two counselors work according to the concept of systemic sexual counseling, with models from behavioral and body therapy as well as with creative techniques. In doing so, they support people in their search for the right and satisfying sexuality and relationship.

Advice for couples
Good sex does not arise on its own.
“Especially in long-term relationships, curiosity to discover yourself again and again disappears. Familiarity, protection and security are the stabilizing factors. Most couples assume that they don’t have to talk about their sexuality because of course it’s there. They have also rarely learned to deal with it. This is exactly where advice can help. ” says Beatrix Roidinger, who specializes in couple’s counseling at the center.

Advice for alternative non-monogamous relationships
For counseling in alternative non-monogamous relationships or for people who find themselves part of such a development, other questions and attitudes are necessary to address the topics: jealousy, loyalty, attention, uniqueness, closeness, honesty, mindfulness, limits, possessiveness, fears. Alternative relationships require more complex rules than monogamous ones because the connection should meet all needs, and be negotiated by agreement.

Sexuality can be shaped and changed
“All concepts of modern sexology assume that sexuality can be shaped and changed. That is why we focus on a practical and resource-oriented approach that leads from thinking to doing and offers a comprehensive opportunity for self-experience, ”explains Barbara Zuschnig, “Change needs space and time. Above all, however, change needs support that leads away from judgmental attitudes, fears of expectations and overwhelming goals. This is exactly what we offer in our practices,” is how the two consultants describe their work.

Hedonistic approach
Beatrix Roidinger and Barbara Zuschnig have been to workshops and festivals all over Europe in recent years to deal with all facets, varieties and approaches to body, relationship, and sexuality. „“In the past decades there have been relevant developments that have brought about a pluralistic coexistence and a confident, reflective and hedonistic approach to desire, pleasure and experimentation. With our offer we want to bring these experiences to Vienna and thus address people who want to deal with their sexuality, no matter what their race, sexual orientation, gender, or age,” Beatrix Roidinger describes the motivation for founding of ,Eros & du’ and offering open counseling sessions.

EROS & du

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