Sexual problems

People of all ages have sexual problems

“My boyfriend ran away from me from one day to the next. A world has broken down for me. Ms. Roidinger, with her compassionate, loving manner, helped me a lot in this difficult time. She not only supported me in the acute crisis situation, but also when things started to get better, I got to the bottom of many things with her help that previously prevented me from leading a happy life. I really learned to love myself during this time. For that I say thank you from the bottom of my heart!”»
(Veronica, 46, separation pain)

«Ms. Zuschnig is a competent contact person when it comes to love and eroticism. Her honest interest in questioning stuck, unnecessary patterns – both socially and on an individual level – was beneficial to me in that I could now begin to question those patterns myself.

Ms. Zusnig picked me up where I didn’t know what to do. She draws on a huge wealth of experience and knowledge that I would have wished for much earlier in life. Society, education, religion, the school system have failed to provide the necessary knowledge for a harmonious, wholesome and joyful love life. »
(Martin, 32 years old, relationship problems)

“… I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your loving and highly professional support and advice.”
(Johannes, 47, came to his couple’s counseling with his wife)

«I’ve been with Beatrix Roidinger for a few months and I’ve made progress. I feel very comfortable with her and she gives you the feeling that you don’t have to be ashamed of anything. You can talk openly about everything and she makes no judgments. She knows when something is uncomfortable or too much. Then she takes a step back and you can talk about the topic another time when you’re ready. I am very happy that I found her to talk to. »
(Elena, 18 years old, pain during sexual intercourse)

«For me, three things were particularly remarkable: I felt that I was picked up where I was, I felt completely seen, and I suddenly understood aspects of my sexuality that I hadn’t seen very clearly until then. Strengthened with these great ‘aha!’ moments, I went away relieved and happy … Thank you! »
(Gerlinde, 61 years, listlessness)

My initial threshold anxiety subsided quickly thanks to the good advice. Through your competence, I was able to become calmer and freer and gain experiences from which I benefit in the long term. Thanks a lot!”
(Martin, 57 years old, erection problem)

«Our relationship has taken a very unexpected turn. Thank you!”
(Carola, 38, couple counseling)

«At the beginning I was unsure. I saw it as a sign of weakness to seek help. My concerns were dispelled from the first moment. The advice was personable, emphatic and professional. I took a lot with me because I could talk about myself without shame and censorship. »
(Stefan, 31 years old, difficulty with porn consumption)

«When I came to the consultation, I was a misery. My wife had just left me after 25 years and I felt broken. I have never been to counseling or therapy before. But then I got better week after week. I felt that Ms. Roidinger really wanted to help me and I felt understood and in good hands. What was particularly important for me was that I not only learned to deal with the pain better, but that I also got a completely new perspective on myself. »
(Jens, 56 years, separation)

«I am an older man who lives in a long-term relationship. I was very insecure because my erection was getting weaker and sometimes I just didn’t get it. I didn’t want to burden my wife with my insecurities and avoided sex. But first I wanted to find out for myself. On the net I came across the eros-and-you site.

It is informative and clear. But above all, mild and friendly. I called. From the start, I was intimidated to talk about my topic. That is still a big taboo. Now I am encouraged to talk to my wife about my fears. I already have some ideas.
(Gustav, 72 years, erection problem)

When I was a student, I was often under a lot of pressure that I had a hard time dealing with. During this time, I distracted myself more and more from porn consumption in order not to have to face reality. I kept pushing my work ahead of me and instead spent hours on internet dating platforms, always chasing the next superficial adventure.

I rushed from date to date several times a week, just so I didn’t have to take responsibility for myself. This addiction to distraction became more and more of a constraint until most of my life was about porn & sex. Luckily, in this hopeless phase, a good friend recommended Barbara Zuschnig, with whom I was able to discuss my problems in a completely relaxed and free manner from the start.

I quickly realized how good these conversations were for me. I finally faced my addictions because I didn’t want them to control me anymore. Barbara Zuschnig guided me for a good year, sensitive, without pressure, with a lot of understanding and without judgement. This is how I discovered the desire for meaningful sex. But not only that. I had the courage to start a new degree that fulfills me. I am really looking forward to my new job and am grateful for the advice that changed so much in my life.
(Tom, 33 years old, sex addiction)

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