Couples can learn to meet each other anew. Provided they invest energy in a change process..

They were happy together once Now listlessness, jealousy, an affair, separation thoughts or other relationship problems tarnish your being together.

The first alarm signs for relationship problems

Relationships start with the desire to do the best for one another and for oneself. Feelings change over time. There are things that make you sad, unhappy, and hopeless.

Cold and indifference prevent closeness and contact.
You feel neglected and ignored.
Devaluation and spitefulness spoil your joy in each other.
When you have sex, you don’t feel seen or meant.
They are listless and no longer desire each other as they did in the beginning.

Do you want to save your relationship?

They strive to find solutions. But your negative relationship dynamics overwhelm you every day. You get the opposite of what you want. Do you want to get your partnership problems under control? Do you want to invite eroticism, sensuality and lustful sex into your life again? Then write us. We are experts in lust and relationship.

Our approach is that how you live eroticism says a lot about your relationship. And the quality of your relationship determines the quality of your life.

Eroticism between trust and risk

Erotically successful couples maintain and live the erotic dimension of sex. They keep the fine balance between the familiar and the new, between familiarity and risk. If you prefer to know in advance what the end is, then sex becomes predictable and dutiful.

This feels boring – but makes you less vulnerable. Das ist perfekt und OK. But that’s not why you ended up on our site. They long to feel alive. They long to experience new sides of themselves. You long for intimacy and contact with your loved one.

Good sex and a good relationship do not come about automatically

You are probably a couple who actively, planning and creatively shape essential areas of your life together. However, you will not be able to take these properties into the bedroom.

In our couple consultations we work among other things on the topics:

  • What communication have you established in your relationship?
  • What kind of conflict dynamics do you have? What patterns are you caught in?
  • What role do you attribute to yourself? Perpetrator or victim? Who do you think is to blame for the conflict?
  • What are your sexual life stories and sexual profiles?
  • How do you deal with your sexual difference?
  • What internalized values shape your idea of being a man / woman?
  • Which social myths shape your ideas of sexuality?
  • Do you want to think about an alternative relationship model?
Learn to talk about relationship and sex

But like any other topic in a partnership, couples also need to learn to talk about their sexual desires, needs and fantasies, as well as injuries and disappointments. That is not always easy. Our advice provides you with a space in which you can rediscover and connect again.

with homework on new behavior

Knowledge and better mutual understanding through discussions is one thing. But we also rely on impulses that change your daily behavior and erotic get-togethers. That is why we give simple but effective exercises at home. These focus on improving your life as a couple and your sexual encounters. We therefore work with behavior change exercises and with body-oriented elements.

We do not understand sex as something that “you do”, but as an encounter with yourself and the other.

How to become an erotic couple again

People who make your relationship erotically satisfying appreciate the power of eroticism as an important part of your life. They…

  • like to talk about sex.
  • see everyday sex as important as special sex.
  • are willing to pay attention to good eroticism.
  • cope well with incompatibilities and inconsistencies.
  • are ready to get involved, even if excitement is not immediately there.
  • sare in connection with your erotic self.
  • remain curious about your counterpart.
  • always dare to tread new paths in their sexuality.
  • can deal with unpleasant feelings productively.
Erotic fantasies

Fantasies create tension by incorporating stories, but also fragments of thought, into an erotic script. You can slip into a role of the imagined scene yourself, or act as a viewer.

The unknown and the foreign also offer material. Fantasies are often about ambivalences or overcoming them. The narrow degree of wanting or not wanting creates excitement.

Sexuality seems to be taboo in our society. Nevertheless, most people find it difficult to have an open conversation about their problems in this area.

physical causes

Medical clarification may be necessary for physiological issues. Please seek out help from a specialist you trust. In any case, sexual counseling could be positive reinforcement to the process of recovery.

Specific physiological issues pertaining to women:
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Vaginismus
  • Pelvic floor bracing
  • Injuries resulting from childbirth
  • Birth-control side effects

We advise on sexual issues such as

  • Cheating and affairs
  • jealousy
  • lack of desire and listlessness
  • Boredom and routine
  • bad sex despite love
  • incongruent preferences / fantasies
  • Cyber Infidelity (cheating on the net)

Conflict can be an opportunity for further development.

Are you suffering from the following issues in your relationship?

  • Heartache
  • Separation ideas
  • indifference
  • devaluation
  • Lack of communication
  • passive aggression
  • neglect

Then talk to us about it. These issues are often related to sexual problems. We show you how to become an erotic couple again.

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Do you want to feel light and happy again?

Our couple advice is just right for you if you

  • want to understand the meaning of your conflict / crisis.
  • Want to change your destructive patterns.
  • again looking for a constructive basis for discussion.
  • see it as a joint development task to get in touch again.
  • an affair threatening your relationship.
  • want concrete changes.
  • think that can’t be all. want to find out what you want sexually.
  • Seek suggestions and ideas for a lively sexuality.
  • Looking for suggestions and ideas for a lively sexuality.

Standstill: lowest common denominator

  • Are you stuck in partnership conflicts?
  • Are you listless or bored?
  • Can’t find words to talk about?

Then the shared sexuality loses vitality. Relationships are often silent about differences. If sex takes place at all, it is with the lowest common denominator. Many couples experience this as unsatisfactory.

No one knows the other completely.

Get curious about each other again!

Everyone has individual sexual desires. Many couples don’t talk about it. They fear rejection and anger. See these differences as potential for common development (s).

Do you dare to share your fantasies?

Sexual fantasies

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