Sexual problems

Mag. Beatrix Roidinger and Mag. Barbara Zuschnig

In an initial interview, we deal with the question that led you to us. A detailed medical history about current sexuality and its sexual experience leads us deeper into the topic.

Consulting as a process

We understand our advice as a process. We accompany you to find your solution. Together we set the goal. Together we check again and again whether the path still fits. Sex counseling can therefore take different lengths of time. And have an individual process.

Sometimes an hour is enough because it is only a question. Sometimes you are satisfied after three hours. And sometimes the consultation takes weeks or months because you have gotten into a personal process.

We offer a protected space to talk about sexuality

Sexuality and eroticism mean something different for everyone. Needs, fantasies, wishes and practices are as individual as we humans are. In order to achieve a fulfilled and self-determined sexuality, space and freedom are required to speak about it. We offer this possibility in our advice. Because sometimes talking about sex with familiar people is difficult (he).

Our attitude
  • We advise with respect and appreciation for your needs. We take your fears and expectations seriously.
  • We have no ready-made picture of what “good” sex is. Or how fulfilled sexuality should be.
  • We accompany you to find out which sexuality is right and right for you.
  • We work open to results.
  • Self-determination and the resources of our clients are the basis for our work.
  • When advising couples, we are committed to the principle of impartiality.
  • We have no preconceived notions of what a fulfilling relationship looks like.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We have seen in many encounters how healing and relieving conversations are. Many of our clients regret that they have not previously used professional help.

Costs couple lessons

A couple lesson lasts 90 minutes.
Couples counseling sessions with Barbara Zuschnig take place exclusively online,
with Beatrix Roidinger online or at her practice in 1160 Vienna.
(address to follow after appointment)

Costs: 250 EUR (incl. 20 % VAT)
Weekend, public holiday and evening surcharge (from 20.00) for the couple hour is 50%:
​375 EUR (incl. 20 % VAT)

We have a contingent of lower hourly rates for students
or people with lower incomes. Please contact us.

Payment in cash after each lesson or online in advance by bank transfer

Costs for individual consultation

Unfortunately, all places are currently taken and individual counseling is not possible.

Cancellation policy advice

Cancellation is free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of the agreed consultation hour. We charge 50% up to 24 hours before the start. After that, the entire amount is due.

Booking advice

For inquiries about consultation hours, please use our contact form or give us a call. Or send us an e-mail personally

Liability and data protection

Please read our AGBs on the subject of liability. The topic of data protection can be found in our imprint.

Sexuality seems to be taboo in our society. Nevertheless, most people find it difficult to have an open conversation about their problems in this area.

What does a consultation cost?

  • Couple counseling (90 min): 250 EUR
  • Weekend, public holiday and evening surcharge (from 20.00) for the couple’s lesson is 50%: 375 EUR

  • Currently no single counseling possible

  • Cancellation modalities: General terms and conditions

Healthy self-esteem is important for fulfilling sex.

Talking helps. Contact us for an initial interview.

Mag. Barbara Zuschnig
+43 660 44 35 665

Mag. Beatrix Roidinger
+43 660 46 26 777

Our postcards: a good starting question

Desires and sexual energy are often spilled.

Injuries, taboos, disappointments, shame and ambivalent wishes have room in our consultations.

Just like curiosity and erotic preferences outside the mainstream.

Conscious sexuality

Every new experience offers the chance for more awareness in dealing with your sexuality.
You get to know yourself better. You learn to accept yourself as you are.