Love can go in many directions.

The concept of a monogamous relationship is not as traditional and widespread as we think.

In Europe, there have only been lovers and lovers for around 200 years as the ideal of true relationships. We grew up believing that monogamy is natural and normal. People who want to live non-monogamous are often described as morally decadent and incapable of attachment. Or even defamed as sex addicted and mentally immature.

mindful and binding relationships

In recent years, people who live in non-monogamous / alternative forms of relationship have created more space and hearing in society. They show that long-term, loving, attentive and binding relationships between people can also exist in this form. A special form of the non-monogamous way of life is the polyamory, which is also increasingly reported in the media.

complex rules

Non-monogamous relationships require more complex rules than monogamous ones. The connections are supposed to meet the needs of everyone involved and must be negotiated by agreement. It is essential for alternative forms of relationship that everyone involved knows about each other or is happy with the chosen form of connection.

We accompany you with our competence and our experience in the search for the way of life that suits you.

We also write about polyamory and non-monogamous relationships in our book.
“SEXPOSITIV – Intimität und Beziehung neu verhandelt” (2021)

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Topics we are talking about

  • jealousy
  • loyalty
  • attention
  • uniqueness
  • Closeness
  • honesty
  • Mindfulness
  • Limits
  • Ownership
  • fears
  • time

Couples who want to open their relationship have to communicate a lot.

They have to talk about their feelings and needs, about agreements and rules. Nothing is automatically specified.

It requires a high degree of self-reflection from everyone involved in order to be able to live a stable relationship and a fulfilled sexuality.

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