Beatrix Roidinger, Sexual /couples counsellor, clin.

Everything changes constantly. Except our past. Our attitude towards this is changeable. At any moment we can choose to consciously shape our future.

Decision on the topics of sexuality and relationship

I find a lot of things interesting. I could deal with Japanese garden design, with astronomy and the emergence of space, as well as with art. I decided to work full-time on the topics of sexuality and relationships. Everything else has space in my free time.

Questions about sexuality and relationships touch existential issues.

Because for me the most essential human issues come to the surface in questions of sexuality and relationship. Because for me the most essential human issues come to the surface in questions of sexuality and relationship. There are existential issues that we have to deal with.

How we experience eroticism says something about our “being in the world”:

  • How well can we enjoy?
  • Can we accept and love ourselves?
  • How are we connected with ourselves and the others?
  • How tolerant and respectful do we treat our (sex) partners?
  • How easy or hard do we find it hard to let go?
  • How well do we communicate our needs?
  • How well do we endure difference?
  • How creative and playful are we?
  • How much responsibility for our well-being and happiness do we take?
  • How well can we take care of our limits?
  • How much do we want to expand our borders?
  • How well do we get on with the unpredictable?
  • How honestly do we tell about our desires and fantasies?
  • How forgiving are we in dealing with mistakes?
  • How close can we get in touch?
Every consultation is unique.

Sometimes topics repeat themselves. But every conversation, every consultation, every sex therapy, every couple’s session has its own tension. Turns and unforeseen developments often arise. I am often surprised with changes.

I am often amazed at how my clients embark on a journey to themselves. They often consciously embark on a new path of life. I am often allowed to see a couple emerge from a conflict situation strengthened and mature.

I am very grateful to be able to work as a sex therapist and couple counselor. It enriches and fulfills my life.

I am present and attentive to you and your individual story. I treat you with empathy, respect, openness and interest.

I look forward to your call or email:
+43 660 46 26 777,


  • Sex counseling (University of Ibk / A)
  • systemic sex therapy (IGST, U. Clement / D)
  • clinical sexology according to Sexocorporel (Berlin / Vienna)
  • NLP Master Coach
  • life and social counseling

You can reach me:
+43 660 46 26 777

Our book:
“SEXPOSITIV – Intimität und Beziehung neu verhandelt” (2021, Goldegg Verlag)
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Current interview with Beatrix Roidinger in the podcast by Fabian Burstein “MenschMensch”

My focus

Continuing Education and self-awareness

  • Crucible therapy (David Schnarch)
  • systemic constellation work (SySt, D)
  • Group dynamics (ÖGGO, ÖAGG; Ö)
  • Organizational development (ÖGGO, IFF, Ö)
  • holotropic breathing (S. Grof, D)
  • Tantra 1-year training (Schröter / Christinger, CH)
  • Tantra massage (1st stage, Diamond Lotus / Berlin)

Beatrix Roidinger, Sexual /couples counsellor, clin. Sexologist

Studies and professional experience before sex therapy

  • Comparative and German Studies (main focus: systems theory, art, gender studies)
  • Postgraduate cultural management
  • self-employed in event management
  • self-employed with PR agency (focus: coaching start-ups in the creative industries)