Orgasm problems are stressful and can occur at any stage of life.

Many men put themselves under pressure. They always aim to work. But pressure to perform is the enemy of male erection and orgasm. You can change a lot through body awareness exercises and pelvic floor exercises.

Orgasmic disorders in men

At first glance, the male excitement, erection and orgasm seem straightforward. Many men are excited quickly and easily arrive at an orgasm. But if it doesn’t work, then up goes the pressure along with disappointment.

The man feels like a failure and alone. A spiral of fear arises that the orgasm comes too late or too early, or does not come back. According to a study, about 8% of men say they have had orgasm disorders in the past few months.

You are not alone. Find a conversation, about your situation. This is the first step, but the most important. The vicious cycle can be broken.

Ejaculatio praecox: premature ejaculation

“Coming too early” can strain men of all ages. With targeted training of the pelvic floor muscles and the PC muscle, you can learn to voluntarily control your orgasm. In our consultations, we discuss exercises with you to improve your ability to have an orgasm.

Ejaculatio retarda: delayed orgasm
Ejaculatio deficiens: lack of orgasm

Arriving late or not coming at all can also be very stressful, provided the man doesn’t deliberately delay his orgasm. In addition to psychological causes such as partnership problems, fears (e.g. of unwanted pregnancy, of hurting the woman.) or pressure to perform, there are also physical causes. Low hormone levels, anti-depressants, and other drugs delay or prevent orgasm.

Frequent masturbation with a lot of pressure can make the penis insensitive. The intense, visual stimuli of pornography do their part. Likewise, circumcision of the foreskin – often depending on age – can lead to desensitization. Increased stimulation as a response can exacerbate the problem over time.

Men then have difficulty in having sex because the stimulation is insufficient. It works better by hand or by oral stimulation because the pressure can be varied more.

Male circumcision taboo (circumcision)

Female genital mutilation is unanimous in western culture: it should be prohibited and involves serious bodily harm. Male circumcision has less dramatic effects. Nevertheless, it is an interference with organic function. Nevertheless, it is an interference with organic function.

Sometimes circumcision is medically indicated (narrowing, infections). According to WHO reports, around 30% of men are circumcised. Removing the protective foreskin will desensitize the glans over time. Especially in old age, this can have a negative impact on arousal and orgasm.

Orgasm problems arise from pressure to perform

If the connection to the pleasure area in the brain is disturbed, the pressure increases that “it has to work”. The more you try, the less successful you will be. The secret of every erection and every orgasm is relaxation. A penis stiffens when the parasympathetic nervous system is activated.

This is responsible for slowing down the heartbeat and breathing and brings the body to rest. Only then does the penis material open and blood flows into the erectile tissue.

an active pelvic floor for more sexual scope

The pelvic floor muscles and the conscious use of tension and relaxation are essential for physical arousal. Sexual excitement arises from the interplay of rhythm and movement throughout the pelvic area.

The more actively you can control your pelvic floor muscles, the better you can experience pleasure genitally. Whether of man or woman, a sagging pelvic floor is just as bad as one that is too tense.

You can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and keep them flexible with targeted exercises that you can incorporate into everyday life without additional effort.

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Male orgasm disorders manifest themselves as

  • premature ejaculation (ejaculatio praecox)
  • cannot come (ejaculatio retarda)
  • missing orgasm (ejaculatio deficiens)
  • Erectile dysfunction

Causes of orgasmic disorders in men

  • Performance pressure
  • unhealthy lifestyle
  • excessive porn consumption
  • frequent masturbation
  • inflexible patterns of achievement
  • little knowledge of arousal processes
  • relationship problems
  • Fear of pregnancy
  • Fear of castration
  • medical causes such as prostate
  • inflammation Medication (Viagra, antidepressants etc.)
  • drugs and alcohol
  • Desensitization of the glans as a result of age and / or circumcision

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Expansion of the pleasure zones promotes the ability to orgasm.

Expansion of the pleasure zones promotes the ability to orgasm

The entire body can become an erogenous zone. There are various possibilities for your sensation of pleasure.

Do you know all areas of your body where they like to be touched and excited? Get to know new ones!

Orgasm problems are resolved if you give yourself and your body time, instead of working towards the supposed “goal” of orgasm.

Erogenous zones can be anywhere.