Sexpositive – renegotiating intimacy and relationships Our book.

The sex-positive movement unites people who are searching for their authentic physicality, sexuality and eroticism. A sex-positive attitude is affirmative and appreciative. Towards every person, regardless of the type of relationship and how they live their sexuality.


How do we get the sex we crave?

Every person has an individual sexual profile. It is as unique as a fingerprint. We help you to explore your own sexuality, your limits and your desires. Our attitude is sex-positive. It conveys that all desires are justified. There are no moral restrictions. We write about exactly what this means in our book "Sex positive - renegotiating intimacy and relationships".

Which sex, which relationship suits me?

Many people lack access to their innermost sexual desires and only feel a vague sense of discomfort. They would rather keep quiet than deal with it. Because when it comes to sexuality and relationships, essential issues come to the surface: How connected do we feel to others and to ourselves? Do we want to expand our boundaries? In which direction? How well can we tolerate the fact that our partner is different from us? How creative and playful are we? What taboos hinder our sexual development? There is enormous potential for personal development in the answers.

I want the sex that suits me!

Sex positivity is an attitude to life that stands for a mindful and self-confident approach to the body, needs and boundaries and provides space for experimentation and personal development. Sex positivity is based on consensus: everything is allowed that is mutually agreed upon in intimate encounters and in individual partnerships. It includes all sexual identities and orientations as well as alternative forms of relationships such as polyamory.

Personal growth

A sex-positive attitude can be a catalyst for personal development. Sex-positive people take responsibility for themselves and ask themselves what they need, what is missing and what changes they would like to see. Good sex is not a given, it is not something we are born with. What's more, everything changes in the course of life, including our sexuality. It's completely normal for us to educate ourselves in many areas, so why shouldn't we also invest in our sexual development and relationship?

We have developed a coaching program for this purpose


We have written the first German-language book on the subject of sex positivity

Our book: "SEXPOSITIV - Intimität und Beziehung neu verhandelt"

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The first German-language book on the sex-positive movement is from us!

„SEXPOSITIV – Intimität und Beziehung neu verhandelt“ (2021)
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From the contents:

  • Intimacy and relationships reloaded: what does the sex-positive movement want?
  • Sex-positive awareness: an open view of yourself and the world
  • Rules beyond conventions and taboos: negotiating consensus
  • LGBTIQ, Kink, Tantra, NTSM (non-traditional sexual behaviour)
  • Open relationships and polyamory: shaping non-monogamous relationships

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