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Sexpositiv ein neuer Begriff greift immer mehr Raum, wenn in Medien und in Szenen über Sexualität gesprochen wird.


Sex-positive - what does that mean?

We asked ourselves what is behind this term and set out in search of answers. We did some research and asked around, talked to people who have been dealing with sex positivity for some time and shed light on different aspects. In the course of our research, we have gained more and more insight that we would like to share. The most important realization for us is that sex positivity is a comprehensive movement that encompasses social, political and philosophical areas and can have an impact on a person's entire life.

This blog post is the beginning of a series in which we will continue to address individual areas and questions.

The sex-positive movement

As the term has only recently emerged in the discussion about sexuality and relationships, there is no general and definitive definition. However, a sex-positive attitude is fundamentally based on the equality and self-determination of all sexual identities and orientations.

Affirmative, hedonistic and positive attitude

It is an affirmative, hedonistic and positive attitude towards one's own sexuality. The appreciation for oneself is also reflected in the appreciation for sexual lifestyles and relationships that one may not live oneself.

More and more people - at least in the western world - are living out their sexuality and relationships with greater freedom and varying forms of play. In recent years, the scenes (in terms of ideas) but also the places (materially) have become more and more differentiated and are growing from the periphery to the center.

We believe that this development brings with it many aspects that influence the growth and positive change of one's own spectrum in terms of sexuality and relationships. This is because the representatives of the individual sex-positive scenes not only consciously deal with intimacy, desire, lust and arousal, but also live out counter-designs to traditional forms of relationships.

Sex positivity strengthens personal growth

We are convinced that our attitude towards relationships and sexuality influences our entire personality. An examination of how we live, love and desire promotes our development towards more self-love and a satisfied person.

Questions about sexuality and relationships touch on the essential parts of our humanity. The attitude we have towards sexuality reflects our personal norms and values. Just as we (can) relate to ourselves, we also relate to other people. And ultimately also in relation to the world.

Growth means recognizing and expanding boundaries. Growth means being open to the other. Growth therefore means not only enduring difference, but also seeing it as an opportunity.

The narrower our idea of sexuality is, the narrower it is of the world. A sex-positive attitude challenges us to engage with ourselves. To create awareness where there was previously unconsciousness.

Responsibility for ourselves opens us up to others

Only then can we take responsibility for our own needs. Only then can we practise self-care and treat our own (sexual) nature with love and appreciation. This is a basic prerequisite for personal growth - and not just in terms of sexuality.


Over the next few weeks, we will be writing in our blog about two essential cornerstones that characterize a sex-positive attitude:

  • Being mindful and confident with your own body and sexual needs
  • Creating consent: from allowing, giving and receiving in (sexual) encounters
We have written the first German-language book on the subject of sex positivity

Our book: "SEXPOSITIV - Intimität und Beziehung neu verhandelt"

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The first German-language book on the sex-positive movement is from us!

„SEXPOSITIV – Intimität und Beziehung neu verhandelt“ (2021)
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From the contents:

  • Intimacy and relationships reloaded: what does the sex-positive movement want?
  • Sex-positive awareness: an open view of yourself and the world
  • Rules beyond conventions and taboos: negotiating consensus
  • LGBTIQ, Kink, Tantra, NTSM (non-traditional sexual behaviour)
  • Open relationships and polyamory: shaping non-monogamous relationships

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